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Key in hand

Key on hand

 Key in hand

Our TOTAL PLAN is a key in hand product: a contract combining design and building at a fixed price from the outset, avoiding cost overruns, last-minute setbacks and any other workaday problems that arise. The TOTAL PLAN is designed to boost client confidence and peace of mind, while maintaining the quality and guarantee Habitat Balear provides.

 The key objective is a GLOBAL solution that cuts costs and shortens deadlines, combining both design and execution in a single tendering process. This formula allows the company to assume all-round responsibility for risks such as design errors liable to produce problems, conflicts and cost overruns.

In this way Habitat Balear offers its clients all-round solutions from the earliest stage of a project right up to the handover of the keys. Other services included in Habitat Balear's TOTAL PLAN are the supply and transportation of materials and machinery; civil works; installations; assemblies; and, naturally, the servicing and final commissioning of the projected works.